ERI’s Licenses & Certifications

Bay Area Certified Abatement Services

ERI stays committed to keeping up with all current regulatory standards. Our company maintains all of the required certificates and state licenses set forth by the California State License Board, as well as other local, state, and federal regulations.

Contractors License

Contractors State License Board
License #840442
Class B – General Building Contractor
ASB – Asbestos

Abatement contractors license in the Bay Area
Certificate of Registration for Asbestos-related WorkDepartment of Industrial Relations
Division of Occupational Safety and Health
Certificate #854
Certificate of Registration for Asbestos related Work in the Bay Area
Hazardous Materials Certificate of RegistrationDepartment of Transportation
Registration # 062216 552 074YA
Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration in the Bay Area
Hazardous Waste Transporter RegistrationDepartment of Transportation
Registration # 4793
Dept of Toxic Substance Control Transporter in the Bay Area
California EPA IdentificationDepartment of Toxic Substances EPA Lead-Based Paint Renovation Repair and Painting in the Bay Area
EPA Certification for Lead-based Paint Renovation, Repair & Painting

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