Our Family of Abatement Experts Serving the Bay Area

At ERI, we take the phrase, “Family Owned and Operated,” literally. We know that much of our success is due to our “family of employees.” The interesting truth is that only nine of our forty employees are not related to anyone else in the company. This extraordinarily unique fact allows ERI to offer a level of service that is equally unique.

The benefits provided by our “family of employees” are numerous for our clients. Our low-turnover results in highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals who truly care about doing the job right. The ERI family has mastered the art of clear and open communication, working and functioning together as a unit, both in and out of the office, resulting in exceptional service for our customers.

“As we grow, we continue to strive to ensure our family values are apparent in our work. The same values that make our individual families successful remain the foundation of what makes our business successful.”

– Jaime Tamayo, Owner

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Driven
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Spotless Safety & Compliance Records
  • Quick Clean, Safe & Legal