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Asbestos Removal Service in Hayward and San Diego

Abatement projects often come about unexpectedly and can be daunting, or at the very least, disruptive. It is important to have a partner that understands the their role in the overall process. We know how important it is to quickly accommodate our customers so they can continue with their projects.  We also know it is equally important, when dealing with hazardous materials, to do so safely. To that end, the team at ERI, prides itself in providing nothing less than the highest quality work along with exceptional customer service to quickly, cleanly, and safely help your project stay on track. We do this by following not only our Code of Conduct, but also three core strengths to ensure superior service:

Asbestos Abatement in the Bay Area

Our owner, Jaime Tamayo, has been working in the abatement industry for over 31 years. Upon opening ERI in 2004, he built a skilled team of technicians, estimators, and project managers all of whom bring years of industry experience. In order to provide excellent customer service and deliver quality results, ERI requires that technicians have a minimum of three years experience and supervisors have no less than five years of experience. This, coupled with an extensive training program, allows ERI to boast a spotless compliance and safety record.


Bay Area Mold Removal

In the heavily regulated environmental remediation industry, it is critical that quality workmanship be taken seriously. ERI’s skilled technicians are meticulously trained to ensure cleanliness and safety in and around your home both during and after the abatement process. ERI also adheres to a strict quality control program with multiple levels of accountability and measurable standards of performance to ensure regulatory requirements are met and client expectations are exceeded.

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Customer Service:

At ERI, we settle for nothing less than complete customer satisfaction. We have a large coordination staff dedicated to meeting your needs. From clear communication and friendly interactions to fast response times and flexible scheduling, we pride ourselves on unrivaled, superior service.

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  • Quality Driven
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  • Spotless Safety & Compliance Records
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