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  • Reasons to Trust the Professionals With Your Mold Cleanup Job

    If your home is infested with mold or mildew, you may want to think twice before you clean up the problem on your own. Exposure to toxic mold can lead to serious health complications. To ensure that your mold problem is handled safely and effectively, you may want to hire a mold removal company to clean your home. A Bay Area mold removal company can provide you with a full range of remediation services, including lead paint removal and asbestos testings. In order to highlight the advantages of working with a reputable remediation contractor, here is a look at some of the top reasons to trust the professionals with your mold cleanup job.

    Trust the Professionals With Your Mold Cleanup Job in the Bay Area


    A professional mold removal company will have the experience and knowledge needed to completely clear all of the mold away from your home. When you are choosing a remediation company, be sure to ask them about their experience with cleaning up mold damaged homes. A highly experienced company is sure to provide you with great services.


    By trusting your mold removal to the professionals, you will make sure that your remediation project is performed to the utmost quality. A professional mold cleaning service will make sure that all of the mold is cleared away from your home. In addition, your mold removal experts can assess the source of your mold problem and recommend any necessary repairs. When you hire a mold remediation company, your home will be completely clear and free of mold after your appointment.


    Your mold removal experts will utilize the proper safety precautions when cleaning your home. By trusting your mold removal to the professionals, you will make sure that your cleanup job is performed safely and efficiently. When you schedule a professional mold removal service, you can rest assured that your home will be restored to a safe condition for yourself and your family.

  • Up Close with Environmental Remedies, Inc.

    Environmental Remedies, Inc. is a fully licensed and certified asbestos removal , mold remediation, and lead based paint removal company. They provide asbestos testing and a great range of other quality services to both residential and commercial clients. Their experienced technicians have performed thousands of asbestos removal projects in the Bay Area. In addition, they are proud to provide each and every client with the highest level of customer service. If you are seeking a highly experienced and qualified company for your next asbestos removal or abatement project, you may want to consider hiring Environmental Remedies, Inc. For an up-close look at Environmental Remedies, Inc., watch this video from topratedcompanies.

  • A Look at the Causes and Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

    Lead poisoning is a serious and potentially deadly condition. One of the most common sources of lead poisoning is through environmental exposure. If you live in an older home or work in an older building, there is a chance that you could be exposed to lead paint. When lead based paint is present in your home, there is a possibility that you or a loved one could ingest this toxic substance. To prevent the dangers of lead poisoning, you may want to contact a company that specializes in the removal of lead paint in the Bay Area . To help you protect yourself from this serious condition, here is a look at the causes and symptoms of lead poisoning.

    Deadly Sign

    Causes of Lead Poisoning

    Lead poisoning occurs when a person breathes in or ingests lead particles. Since lead particles are completely odorless and invisible to the eye, it is possible to ingest lead without any knowledge that it has happened. Homes that were built before 1978 may contained lead based paint, which is a common cause of lead poisoning.

    Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

    There are several signs and symptoms of lead poisoning. If a person is suffering from lead poisoning, he or she may have severe abdominal pains or headaches. In addition, lead poisoning can cause irritability or unusual behavior. Children who suffer from lead poisoning may also exhibit signs of developmental delay or impaired mental function. A toxic dose of lead can lead to seizures, vomiting, and even a coma.

    Prevention of Lead Poisoning

    To prevent lead poisoning at home, it is important to hire an environmental remediation company to remove any lead paint from the exterior and interior of your property. By taking the steps needed to rid your home of lead paint, you can rest assured that you and your family will be protected from the dangers of lead poisoning.

  • The Symptoms of Black Mold Exposure

    When a person is exposed to toxic mold, or more commonly referred to as black mold, he or she may exhibit a variety of symptoms. Often, black mold exposure can lead to allergic reactions, such as itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, or coughing and sneezing. In addition, black mold exposure can worsen the symptoms of sinusitis. With continued exposure, black mold can also lead to the development of serious health problems, such as asthma.

    The improper handling of mold contaminated building materials can compound the risk of exposure. If you are seeking Bay Area mold removal services, look no further than Environmental Remedies, Inc . We offer specialized remediation procedures, to contain and remove the mold from your property without unnecessarily exposing the occupants to the hazard. To learn more about the symptoms of black mold exposure, watch this video.