• What to Do If You Find Asbestos

    Asbestos isn’t used in the building of new homes, but it has by no means disappeared entirely. If you come across asbestos in your home, it is crucial that you do not attempt asbestos removal in San Francisco by yourself. Watch this video clip to find out what to do if you find asbestos.

    It is not necessarily uncommon to come across asbestos in homes that were built during the early to mid 20 th century, and as long as you don’t disturb the asbestos that you find, you may be okay. If you do find asbestos, it’s important that you call a professional asbestos abatement service to have the area inspected. Your specialist can then determine whether or not additional action should be taken. Attempting to remove the asbestos on your own can lead to a multitude of health issues, so remember to contact a professional when you find asbestos.

  • Where Is Asbestos Found?

    It is always helpful to know if you have asbestos in the home so you can decide if you need to seek asbestos removal in San Francisco. Unaddressed asbestos is not necessarily problematic as long as you do not disturb it, so it’s important to know where it might exist. You are much more likely to find asbestos in older homes than in newer ones, and you might even find it in products around the home. Keep reading if you would like to find out exactly where asbestos might be found.

    Older Homes Asbestos removal for older homes in the Bay Area
    Asbestos was once seen as a versatile material that could safely be used in countless different types of products. Unfortunately it was many years before the harmful effects of asbestos came to light, which is why it still exists in many households today. It was not until the 1970s that this harmful substance was finally banned, but many of today’s homes were constructed before then. If your house was built before the ban on asbestos, you might want to consider having an asbestos abatement professional survey your home and determine whether this substance exists in your house. Since inhaling asbestos fibers can be dangerous, this type of service can offer you peace of mind and allow you to deal with the problem if one exists.

    Areas of the Home
    Manufacturers used asbestos in many different products, but it was particularly prevalent in certain areas of the home . A house built using these types of products might have asbestos cement in the roof and siding, and even in insulation. You might also find asbestos in a home’s floor tiles as well as pipe coating. If your older home has a wood-burning stove there may be asbestos paper or cement sheets protecting the surrounding walls and floors. Asbestos was even used in textured paint that can be found on ceiling joints. An asbestos abatement professional will be familiar with all of the different areas of the home where asbestos may be present, and he or she can decide if any action should be taken in your specific case.

  • A Look at ERI’s Licenses and Certifications

    When it comes to asbestos or mold removal serving San Francisco, it is important to know that you are in good hands . A quality abatement company will completely remove the harmful substances from your home so that you can enjoy better indoor air quality without any fear of your problem resurfacing. You can typically tell if the company you are working with is trustworthy based on its merits, which is why it helps to do your research. Here is an in-depth look at ERI’s various licenses and certifications.

    Environmental Remedies, Inc. has always strived to provide full and complete mold and asbestos abatements so that clients can keep their homes clean, healthy, and happy. In order to do so we have received a number of different licenses and certifications; these documents prove that we were adequately trained and are capable of handling these sensitive substances. Our contractor’s license qualifies us as a general building contractor that is approved to work with asbestos, which is supplemented by our certificate of registration for asbestos-related work. We are also certified to handle and transport hazardous waste, and we are registered as legal transporters with the Department of Toxic Substance Control.

    ERI’s Licenses and Certifications

  • What You Should Know About Asbestos in the Home

    While asbestos is no longer used in the construction of new homes, it can still be found in many homes that house families today; this is why asbestos removal in San Francisco has become a popular service. Since asbestos exposure can have negative implications for your health, it is important to know where to find it and what it looks like. Continue on if you would like to find out what you should know about asbestos in the home.

    Where to Find Asbestos Know About Asbestos in the Bay Area Home
    If your home was built during or before the latter years of the twentieth century, there is a chance that you are living with asbestos. This is not necessarily a problem, but it can become one if the asbestos is disturbed; this is why it is crucial that you know where to look . There are many different areas of the home that may contain asbestos, as it was a popular material that was used in the production of a wide array of different products. From your rooftop to your floor tiles and from your weatherboarding to your interior walls, asbestos may be part of the structure of your house. A professional asbestos inspection and abatement team can help you locate asbestos in your home.

    Identifying Asbestos
    Part of the problem with asbestos is how difficult it can be to identify a sample. Most people are incapable of determining whether or not asbestos is present by looking at a product or material; this is one reason it is so essential that you work with a professional. Your asbestos specialist can take samples and analyze them in a laboratory to confirm or deny the presence of asbestos.

    Asbestos Effects
    Some people are completely unaware of the harmful effects that asbestos can have on your health, and thus they do not act cautiously. Asbestos can lead to severe conditions like asbestosis, mesothelioma, and even lung cancer. Some of these health conditions may be fatal, and people develop them by inhaling asbestos fibers. It is always a good idea to call a professional if you think you might have asbestos in your home.