• What ERI’s Diamond Certification Means to You

    Environmental Remedies, Inc. (ERI) is a family-owned and operated environmental remediation contractor that offers commercial and residential mold clean up, lead-based paint removal, and asbestos abatement in the Bay Area. ERI knows how important it is to ensure a safe environment for their clients and their families and employees, and the company prides itself on offering excellent customer service and high-quality work from a team of Diamond Certified professionals. Keep reading to learn what ERI’s Diamond Certified status means for you.

    Guaranteed Quality ERI's Diamond Certification

    To become Diamond Certified , a company must go through a rigorous, 12-step process. After a company starts the procedure by applying, Diamond Certified conducts a random sample of past customers. These customers are confidentially surveyed, and their answers contribute to the company’s overall customer satisfaction score. To obtain certification, a company must receive a score between 90 and 100. Next, Diamond Certified verifies that the company has valid state-mandated credentials and all required insurances, and its performance is also considered to ensure that it stands behind its work, maintains customer-friendly business practices, and performs to contract. The company must then agree to abide by the Diamond CertifiedĀ® Customer Satisfaction Principles before being recognized as Diamond Certified.

    Consistent Performance

    The 12-step process is not complete even after a company becomes Diamond Certified. Ongoing surveys are conducted to ensure that the company is maintaining high customer loyalty and satisfaction. According to Diamond Certified, a company that qualifies for and maintains the Diamond Certified award is more likely to deliver quality than others.

    Unbiased Reviews

    There are plenty of reasons to choose a Diamond Certified mold, lead, or asbestos abatement provider over other companies. First, this certification prevents you from being fooled by misleading or fake reviews because the Diamond Certified team takes a large, random sample of the company’s customer base, and every surveyed individual is verified by phone to be a real person and customer. Lastly, the Diamond Certified ratings are updated daily, providing customers with a current assessment of the company’s work and customer service.

  • Tips for Discussing Asbestos with Your Employees

    Promoting communication and providing information are both important for ensuring a safe and efficient workplace. If you have learned that your building was constructed with asbestos-containing materials and may need asbestos removal in the Bay Area, then informing your employees about this situation and how it relates to their health is a must.

    To begin this conversation, educate your team about the risks associated with asbestos and what materials in the building may contain this mineral. Also, ensure that they know not to disturb or approach any of these materials that are worn or damaged. After hiring an asbestos removal service, tell your employees what areas will be treated, the proposed abatement timeline, and what documentation or equipment should be collected if they will be relocating to continue work. Finally, ask your team to stay vigilant for damage in areas that may contain asbestos, and to report any signs of deterioration that they may find.

    Discussing Asbestos with Your Employees

  • Recognizing the Dangers of Lead Exposure for Babies

    Recognizing the Dangers of Lead Exposure for Babies

    Poisoning caused by lead-based paint is a hidden danger that many parents aren’t aware of. If you suspect that your home may contain lead-based paint in the Bay Area , then watch this video to learn about lead poisoning dangers for babies.

    For children under age 5, their growing brains are especially sensitive to the damage that can be caused by lead, such as diminished attention span, language development, and IQ. If your home was built before 1978, then your baby may be in danger of lead exposure through the inhalation or ingestion of lead-based paint dust. Unfortunately, because most children show no lead poisoning symptoms, you may not realize that your baby is being exposed. If you’re concerned, then schedule a blood test for your child and have your home tested for lead.

  • Get the Facts About Biological Contaminants

    When there is mold on walls in their home, some individuals see this only as an annoyance that needs to be scrubbed away. However, because this biological contaminant can affect your health and damage your home, an infestation should be dealt with through testing and cleanup by a mold removal specialist. Read on to learn more about biological contaminants and the importance of working with a professional if you need mold remediation in the Bay Area .

    Biological Contaminants and Your Home Facts About Biological Contaminants

    Biological contaminants refer to living organisms such as viruses, fungi, bacteria, enzymes, and mammal and bird antigens. When an environment is polluted by a biological contaminant, it can suffer from inadequate air quality. Also, this state may also cause damage to the affected building or home. Biological contaminants are usually invisible to the naked eye, can often become airborne, and tend to be in areas that have been affected by problems like flooding, water leaks, sewage leaks, and pest and animal infestations.

    Biological Contaminants and Your Health

    If you suspect that your home may be affected by a biological contaminant, then you are probably wondering what impact this issue can have on your health. It can be dangerous to inhale, swallow, or absorb a biological contaminant, and exposure to these pollutants is associated with symptoms like coughing, sneezing, dizziness, watery eyes, shortness of breath, digestive issues, lethargy, and fever. Some biological contaminants can trigger allergic reactions like allergic rhinitis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and some types of asthma. Also, children, elderly people, and individuals who suffer from allergies, breathing problems, or lung issues can be more susceptible to infections caused by airborne biological contaminants.

    Biological Contaminants and Reducing Your Exposure

    Minimizing the presence of these pollutants in your home can be done by using exhaust fans in your kitchens and bathrooms, ventilating attics and crawl spaces, and thoroughly cleaning and drying any water damaged materials. If you are facing a mold-related biological contaminant problem, then contact a mold remediation specialist about testing and removal, as the spores can easily spread and cause a more significant problem.