• How We Ensure Your Safety During Asbestos Abatement

    If you’re having your Bay Area home professionally treated for asbestos, you may be wondering if you have any need to fear for your well-being during the process. At Environmental Remedies, Inc. , we take very thorough precautions to protect the health and safety of our customers and their families. First, we’ll identify the area that needs work, then seal it to keep the rest of your property safe. We use air filtration devices to ensure that tiny asbestos fibers don’t get into your indoor air and put your health at risk. Then, our team will remove as much of the contaminated material as possible, using a sealant to treat any material that can’t be removed. We’ll place all the asbestos-containing materials in leak-proof containers, remove them from your property, and safely dispose of them. Finally, we will wipe down all surfaces and do a final lab test to make sure that there is no trace of asbestos remaining in your home.


  • Planning Hazardous Materials Removal in Your Workplace

    Vinyl sheet flooring, popcorn ceilings, and paint are found in many buildings and are seemingly harmless. Unfortunately, things like these sometimes contain dangerous materials like lead and asbestos, which can affect your health and that of your employees. If you believe that your workplace may need lead removal or asbestos abatement in the Bay Area , then read on for advice on planning for the hazardous removal process.

    Schedule a Professional Inspection Professional Inspection at Environmental Remedies Inc

    The first step you should take when it comes to eliminating hazardous materials from your workplace is to schedule professional testing. After all, if you don’t know what you are dealing with, it will be difficult to create an effective plan of action. Ideally, you should work with an independent hazardous materials testing firm. Once the results are available, the inspector can provide you with recommendations for what steps to take next, and you will have a better understanding of whether abatement is right for your workplace.

    Hire an Abatement Company

    If you have learned that your building should undergo professional lead or asbestos removal, then your next step should be to find a reputable and licensed abatement company in your area. The reason for this is that for the job to be completed fully and safely, materials like these should not be removed by individuals who do not have the proper training, certifications, or equipment to do so. When looking for a hazardous materials removal company, ask about their licensing and certifications, as well as what training their employees receive.

    Speak with Your Team

    Once you have found the right firm for the job, you can communicate to your employees that the building will be undergoing hazardous materials removal, and that the task will be completed by qualified professionals. Also, you should inform your team of what parts of the building may contain lead or asbestos, and remind them that they should avoid disturbing these areas. Finally, discuss the timeline for the abatement process with your employees and tell them how they can prepare for the process.

  • What ERI’s Diamond Certification Means to You

    Environmental Remedies, Inc. (ERI) is a family-owned and operated environmental remediation contractor that offers commercial and residential mold clean up, lead-based paint removal, and asbestos abatement in the Bay Area. ERI knows how important it is to ensure a safe environment for their clients and their families and employees, and the company prides itself on offering excellent customer service and high-quality work from a team of Diamond Certified professionals. Keep reading to learn what ERI’s Diamond Certified status means for you.

    Guaranteed Quality ERI's Diamond Certification

    To become Diamond Certified , a company must go through a rigorous, 12-step process. After a company starts the procedure by applying, Diamond Certified conducts a random sample of past customers. These customers are confidentially surveyed, and their answers contribute to the company’s overall customer satisfaction score. To obtain certification, a company must receive a score between 90 and 100. Next, Diamond Certified verifies that the company has valid state-mandated credentials and all required insurances, and its performance is also considered to ensure that it stands behind its work, maintains customer-friendly business practices, and performs to contract. The company must then agree to abide by the Diamond Certified® Customer Satisfaction Principles before being recognized as Diamond Certified.

    Consistent Performance

    The 12-step process is not complete even after a company becomes Diamond Certified. Ongoing surveys are conducted to ensure that the company is maintaining high customer loyalty and satisfaction. According to Diamond Certified, a company that qualifies for and maintains the Diamond Certified award is more likely to deliver quality than others.

    Unbiased Reviews

    There are plenty of reasons to choose a Diamond Certified mold, lead, or asbestos abatement provider over other companies. First, this certification prevents you from being fooled by misleading or fake reviews because the Diamond Certified team takes a large, random sample of the company’s customer base, and every surveyed individual is verified by phone to be a real person and customer. Lastly, the Diamond Certified ratings are updated daily, providing customers with a current assessment of the company’s work and customer service.

  • A Look at Our Post-Abatement Safety Procedures

    Environmental Remedies Inc. specializes in lead, mold, and asbestos abatement in the Bay Area. Our firm is fully licensed and certified for the removal of these materials, and our team has helped thousands of residential and commercial clients with the remediation of environmental hazards.

    The abatement process has several steps that help protect the safety of people in the building. Following the containment and removal of the lead, mold, or asbestos, we move on to the post-abatement safety procedures.

    At this stage in the process, our abatement team takes several precautions to help ensure that your building is decontaminated and safe from environmental hazards. We use HEPA vacuums to remove dust, wipe down and clean all surfaces within the containment area, and test the building to be certain that the abatement process is complete. Also, for lead and asbestos abatement, a sealant is applied to contain any dangerous fibers that may remain. For mold abatement, an anti-microbial solution is used to kill any remaining spores. After testing indicates that the remediation has been successful, we remove the filters and containment barriers to complete the post-abatement process. For more information about the services that we offer, please visit our website.

    Post-Abatement Safety Procedures

  • Why You Should Trust the Professionals with Abatement

    Have you recently learned that your home contains asbestos? If so, then you may be considering your options for asbestos removal in the Bay Area . Read on to learn why you should trust this type of job to the professionals.


    When it comes to asbestos, the proper handling and removal of this hazardous mineral are essential for ensuring the safety of yourself and your family. When disturbed, asbestos fibers or dust containing them can become airborne. If someone inhales these fibers, this can lead to health issues. For this reason, asbestos abatement should be left to those who have the knowledge and gear to perform the abatement properly. Working with a professional abatement team is one of the best things that you can do to help protect the health of yourself and your family when your home needs to have asbestos contained or removed.

    Effectiveness Asbestos Removal

    When taking on a project that is designed to improve the safety of your home, the success of the process should be a priority. If you attempt to tackle asbestos abatement on your own or hire a team that is not qualified for the job, you run the risk of being left with a home that has not been properly treated for this dangerous mineral. To provide yourself with the reassurance that the job will be done correctly, it makes sense to hire a licensed asbestos abatement company that has the experience, equipment, and skills needed to complete the process the right way.


    At the end of the abatement process, your team of professional abatement contractors will recommend that your home undergoes a post-abatement clearance test. The purpose of this step is to determine that the affected area is free of hazardous levels of airborne particles, debris, and dust before occupants are allowed back inside. It’s in the best interest of all parties that this test is conducted by qualified personnel who are not financially tied to the company providing the abatement. Following the abatement process, ask the project manager for advice on finding a qualified provider of post-abatement clearance testing.

  • What to Expect When You Need Abatement

    To protect the health of your family, keeping your house free of dangerous materials is important. If your home or building was found to contain a dangerous contaminant following mold, lead, or asbestos testing in the Bay Area , then continue reading to learn what you can expect from the abatement process.

    Containment Asbestos Testing In The Bay Area

    Once the abatement team arrives your home, they will perform several steps during the process. First, they will seal off the affected part of your home to prevent the contaminant from spreading into other areas of your home through dust, spores, and other means. Next, air filtration devices will be set up to help prevent any contaminated materials from escaping out of the work area.


    With the affected area properly contained, the team will then begin to remove any contaminated materials. First, the materials are dampened to help contain dust and fibers. Then, they can be removed through brushing, sanding, scraping, deconstruction, or demolition. Third, the materials are placed in leak-tight containers and sent to a landfill.


    Following the mold, lead, or asbestos removal process, the abatement team will take several additional steps to help ensure that your home is free of the contaminant. To do this, they will wipe down and clean every contaminated surface in your home, as well as remove any dust that was left behind using HEPA vacuums. In the case of mold abatement, the team will use an anti-microbial solution to kill any remaining mold spores. For lead and asbestos abatement, a sealant is applied to affected surfaces to contain any remaining fibers that may be present.


    The final stage in the abatement process involves an inspection of your home to confirm that the treatment was successful. First, the team will perform a visual inspection of the affected areas. Then, dust or air samples will be collected and sent to an independent firm for testing. After receiving test results that confirm that the lead, mold, or asbestos abatement was successful, the team will remove any containment barriers and air filtration devices from your home to complete the process.

  • Preparing for a Home Remodeling Project

    A home remodel can improve the function and style of your interior spaces. When you are gearing up to remodel an older home, you will want to take all of the steps needed to ensure that your renovations have been completed in safe manner. Asbestos and lead based paint can all create safety hazards when they are disturbed during a remodel. Fortunately, a company that offers asbestos abatement in Pleasanton will be able to make sure that your home is safe for your renovation procedures. Read on for an overview of the steps of preparing for a home remodeling project.

    Schedule Home Tests Home Remodeling Project

    When you are gearing up for a home remodel, you may want to talk to an abatement company about scheduling tests for your home. Your abatement technicians will be able to carefully examine your home for signs and symptoms of lead based paint or asbestos. In the event that testing reveals the presence of these harmful materials, you will need to schedule abatement before you move forward on your renovations.

    Set Up Professional Abatement

    A company that offers abatement in your local area will be able to get your property ready for your remodeling project. If a test has revealed asbestos behind your walls or in your insulation, a team of technicians will be able to carefully eliminate any trace of these hazardous fibers. Similarly, lead based paint can also be contained and removed in preparation for your renovations. Professional abatement services will provide you with peace of mind as you move forward in the renovation process.

    Create a Remodeling Plan

    Once asbestos and lead based paint have been safely removed from your property, you will be ready to work with your contractor to create a remodeling plan for your household. Some commonly renovated areas include the kitchen, bathroom, or master bedroom of a home. Creating an open kitchen floor plan or updating your bathroom with modern materials will add appeal and value to your property.

  • The Symptoms of Mesothelioma

    Asbestos exposure risks include the development of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a very rare type of cancer that is most commonly linked to breathing in asbestos fibers. When a person is suffering from mesothelioma, he or she may develop a set of specific symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of mesothelioma include chest pain, fluid in the lungs, extreme fatigue, or coughing. A company that provides asbestos abatement in Pleasanton can eliminate your risk of asbestos exposure.

    If you are worried about asbestos on your property , do not wait to call in a team of abatement professionals. Using thorough asbestos testing procedures, a team of technicians can determine whether your home is placing you at risk of asbestos exposure. By removing asbestos, you can ensure the health and safety of all of your family members.

  • What to Do If You Suspect You Have Asbestos

    Asbestos is a construction and insulation material that is commonly found in older homes and buildings. While asbestos was a popular material in years past, today we know that a person’s asbestos exposure risk includes lung cancer, asbestosis, and other serious problems. If you are concerned about asbestos on your property, the best action that you can take is to schedule asbestos abatement in Pleasanton. With professional abatement services, you can remove asbestos without placing your family members in harm’s way. To help you manage an asbestos problem in your home, here is a look at some actions to take if you suspect that you have asbestos.

    Avoid Disturbing the Material Asbestos

    If you are concerned about the possibility of asbestos in your home, one of the best actions that you can take is to avoid disturbing the material. When asbestos is touched or disturbed, its tiny molecules can enter the indoor air. In the event that a person breathes in these particles, he or she could develop one of several serious health conditions. By avoiding disturbing the materials, you can rest assured that you and your family members are protected from the dangers of asbestos.

    Call a Professional Technician

    When asbestos is present on a property, services from a professional technician may be required. An asbestos abatement professional will be able to carefully examine the area, without disturbing the asbestos and releasing harmful particles into the air. Your abatement team will be able to tell you whether you should remove the asbestos, or whether the asbestos can be sealed for additional safety.

    Schedule Removal Services

    Any time you are renovating or demolishing a property that contains asbestos materials, you will need to schedule a professional removal service. Your team of abatement technicians will have the equipment needed to completely eliminate asbestos contamination, without placing you or your family members at risk of exposure. Rather than attempting to remove asbestos on your own, you will want to always entrust this service to the experts.

  • Choosing Your Abatement Contractor

    While the use of most construction materials containing asbestos is banned in the United States, home and business owners may risk exposure to the mineral during remodels or construction. If you find yourself in need of asbestos removal , it’s essential that you hire a professional to protect your health and abide by national regulations. When choosing a contractor for asbestos abatement near Pleasanton, there are several important factors to consider.

    First, ensure that any company you decide to work with has a current contractor’s certificate and license for asbestos abatement. Second, find out if the contractor is currently registered for asbestos abatement, and if they have an up-to-date and valid license bond. Also, request proof that the company’s staff has received EPA-approved training for asbestos-related work. Finally, ask the contractor if the workers wear all necessary protective equipment and gear during the removal process. When it comes to dealing with asbestos, choosing a professional and experienced contractor is vital for ensuring proper and safe removal.

    Bay Area Abatement Contractor