• How to Report Lead and Asbestos to Your Rental Property Tenants

    Helping to provide a safe place for their tenants to live is one of the responsibilities of rental property owners, which includes warning tenants about aspects of the property that may cause injury. If your building might contain lead or asbestos in the Bay Area , then there are some things that you should know about reporting this to your tenants.

    If your rental property was built prior to 1978, then this means that it is more likely to have lead-based paint and that there is important information that you must share with prospective tenants. Also, under federal OSHA regulations, you may be required to ensure that your building is safe from asbestos. If there is asbestos in your building, then you may not be obligated to have it removed. However, you are required to inform your tenants of the presence of asbestos, as well as what activities may disturb the asbestos and cause a hazardous situation. This is only an introduction to reporting lead and asbestos to your rental property tenants, and there may be additional steps that you must take.

    Report Lead and Asbestos to Your Rental Property