• How Do You Know When Lead Is Present?

    If you’re wondering if your home may contain lead-based paint in the Bay Area , then you may be interested in discovering how you can tell if lead is present in a material. Watch this video to learn how to know when something is made of lead.

    First, many older metal materials are made with lead. Second, something made from lead may seem unusually heavy, and its color may also give it away. Third, lead is very soft, so it can be dented easily and will transfer onto other materials. To test if something metal is made of lead, try dragging it across a piece of paper. If the item leaves a mark, then lead is probably present.

  • Following California’s Lead Guidelines

    Lead based paint is now acknowledged as a serious health threat to persons of all ages, but that has not always been true. When you decide to purchase an older home, you may find yourself in need of lead based paint removal services in order to make sure that your property is safe for occupancy. With assistance from a company that offers lead based paint removal in the Bay Area, you will be able to safely remove and contain lead materials around your property. If you are wondering about the process of lead based paint removal, here is a look at some lead guidelines that all contractors must follow in the state of California.

    Lead-Safe Practices Are Mandatory California's Lead Guidelines

    Under California law, all commercial and residential properties that were constructed before 1978 must be handled with the assumption that they were constructed using lead based paint. Lead based paint was an extremely common material until the late 1970s, when the dangers of lead exposure were discovered. Due to the prevalence of lead throughout older buildings, it is mandatory to follow lead-safe practices whenever someone works on buildings that were constructed in 1978 or before.

    Lead Hazards Must Be Prevented

    In California, it is also mandatory to take all of the steps that are needed to prevent the creation of any lead hazards. During a remodeling project, any paint or soil materials that could contain lead must be properly handled and contained. A contractor must also take all of the necessary precautions to ensure that lead based paint does not enter a living or work space without the right form of containment.

    Lead Dust Needs To Be Limited

    Lead based paint removal contractors in California must also test for the amount of lead that is present on a work site after the removal is complete. On the interior of home, there can be no more than 40 micrograms of lead dust in every square foot of the property. When there is more lead than this, a home is considered to be contaminated and must undergo a complete lead based paint removal procedure.