• How Lead Affects the Brain

    Lead-based paint is a significant source of lead exposure, and it can be found in many homes that were built before 1978. If you have discovered that your home has lead-based paint in the Bay Area, and you’re wondering if you should invest in professional lead-based paint removal , then watch this video for some insight into how lead can affect the brain.

    Because of its malleability and durability, lead was once used in piping and paint. Unfortunately, this element is also extremely poisonous. Lead can harm the body in a variety of ways, but the most serious of these are those which affect the brain. For example, lead can block chemical signals from being sent between cells and weaken the synapses between neurons. In children, poor connections between neurons are especially harmful, and lead poisoning can lead to headaches, memory loss, behavioral issues, learning disabilities, and seizures.

  • How Do You Know When Lead Is Present?

    If you’re wondering if your home may contain lead-based paint in the Bay Area , then you may be interested in discovering how you can tell if lead is present in a material. Watch this video to learn how to know when something is made of lead.

    First, many older metal materials are made with lead. Second, something made from lead may seem unusually heavy, and its color may also give it away. Third, lead is very soft, so it can be dented easily and will transfer onto other materials. To test if something metal is made of lead, try dragging it across a piece of paper. If the item leaves a mark, then lead is probably present.

  • A Surprising Look at Lead Poisoning in Oakland

    When you think of Flint, Michigan, you might be reminded of the problems the area has been having with water quality. Thanks to lead based paint in the Bay Area , a certain area of Oakland is actually in the same kind of trouble. Take a look at this video clip and take a surprising look at lead poisoning in Oakland.

    The Fruitvale area of Oakland, as well as the neighborhoods surrounding it, has been dealing with an increase in lead content in the water. This is due in part to the use of lead in residential paints, which is still a significant problem in older homes. Combined with industrial pollutants and aging piping, this paint problem has infiltrated the water system. Lead is particularly hazardous to children and can cause learning disabilities, but enough exposure can cause a range of symptoms like anemia and pain in the abdomen in people of all ages.

  • Lead Poisoning in the News: A Look at Recent Cases

    You may think that because you’ve sought lead based paint removal in the Bay Area, you and your family are safe from lead poisoning. This is not necessarily the case, however, as there are other ways you can end up ingesting lead. Watch this video to take a look at why lead poisoning still happens.

    People were not always aware of the potential hazards that come with the use of lead, and some of the infrastructure that is still in use today doesn’t account for these dangers. Some people end up suffering from lead poisoning because of their municipal water. After leaving the source, your water makes plenty of stops before it makes it to your home. If it goes through outdated infrastructure, it could be pumping dangerous levels of lead into your glass. Controlling the pH level of your water and adding elements like magnesium and calcium may be helpful.

  • Signs of Lead Exposure in Babies

    As the parent of a newborn baby, it is very important to be aware of the dangers of lead based paint exposure for infants. In this video from Parents, you will learn how to tell if your child has come into contact with lead containing materials. If a baby comes into contact with lead, he or she may not exhibit any symptoms right away. To determine if your child is experiencing lead poisoning, you may need to set up a blood test with your doctor. A company that offers lead based paint removal in the Bay Area can ensure that your home is free from lead dangers before you welcome your baby home.

    To protect every member of your family from the dangers of lead, be sure to schedule lead based paint removal with a team of experienced contractors . Your professional contractors will remove lead from your home, without spreading the source of contamination.

  • How Does Lead Poisoning Occur?

    Lead is a highly toxic material that can cause damage to nearly every organ system in your body. If you are the parent of young children, it is important to be aware of the dangers of lead throughout your home. Lead poisoning occurs when a person accidentally ingests lead or a material that has been contaminated with lead. Some common sources of lead poisoning include exposure to lead based paint, contaminated drinking water, or lead in the soil. Fortunately, a company that offers lead based paint removal in Pleasanton can eliminate the risk of lead contamination around your property.

    If you are worried about lead based paint in your older home, do not wait to hire a team of remediation contractors. A company that specializes in removing asbestos and lead based paint will be able to make sure that any trace of lead has been safely removed from your home. After your lead removal is complete, you can rest assured that your family is protected from lead poisoning.

    Lead-Based Paint Removal

  • Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

    Lead poisoning is a serious medical condition that can be particularly serious in babies and children. In this video, you will learn more about the common signs and symptoms of lead poisoning. If a baby is experiencing lead poisoning, you may notice that your child shows signs of lethargy, has trouble engaging with his or her environment, or shows other neurological symptoms. With professional lead based paint removal in Pleasanton, you can protect your family against the dangers of lead.

    A lead based paint removal company can help you make sure that your home is free and clear of any lead dangers. Along with removing lead paint, your remediation contractors can also perform mold detection and other important procedures for your household. With assistance from your remediation professionals, you can rest assured that your house offers a safe environment for your young children.

  • Does Your Home Contain Lead?

    If you live in a home or apartment that was built before 1978, it is important to be on the lookout for signs of lead paint on your property . Before 1978, the serious health risks of lead poisoning were not fully understood. Since lead poisoning had not yet gained national attention, most homes and commercial properties were constructed with lead based paint and other hazardous materials. To ensure that your family members are protected from the dangers of lead, it is a great idea to schedule a testing service with an abatement company that specialized in lead paint near San Francisco. During your lead paint test, a technician will take samples of paint and other materials around your property. These materials will be tested for any signs of lead contamination. Whether you are concerned about asbestos, mold, or lead paint, your abatement professionals can help you ensure that your home or property is a safe and healthy space.

    Signs of Lead Paint on Your Home

  • A Look at the History of Lead Paint

    Lead was originally used in paint because it added strength, durability, and particularly for those paints used on houses. Unfortunately at that time, people were unaware of the dangers of lead, especially the effects of lead poisoning on children. To learn more about the history of lead paint and the dangers of lead exposure, watch this short video. You’ll also learn more about lead poisoning symptoms and how to go about addressing lead paint in your home.

    If you suspect or are concerned that lead-based paint is in your home, contact a lead paint removal company in the Bay Area. Lead paint removal should only be performed by licensed and insured professionals. To schedule a lead-based paint assessment, contact Environmental Remedies, Inc. toll-free at (888) 839-5572. ERI is Diamond Certified to provide lead abatement in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California.

  • Q&A About Lead Paint Assessment and Abatement

    If your home was built before 1978, there’s a good chance that the paint on your walls, doors, windows, and sills may contain lead. Exposure to lead can have a wide range of adverse health effects, including chronic fatigue, hearing loss, nausea, anemia, hypertension, and more. Lead is also particularly dangerous to young children, as exposure at a young age can result in physical and mental development disorders. Considering the dangers of lead exposure, it’s important that you hire a lead inspection company in the Bay Area to perform a risk assessment and, if necessary, lead abatement. Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about lead paint assessment and abatement.

    Q: Should I be worried about lead-based paint? Q&A about Lead Paint Assessment and Abatement the Bay Area
    A: If you live in or will be moving into a home or apartment complex that was built before 1978, you should have your living space inspected to determine the presence of lead-based paint. Even if your home was built after 1978, a lead paint assessment can resolve your concerned about possible lead exposure.

    Q: What’s the difference between a lead paint inspection and risk assessment?
    A: Although inspections and risk assessments both are used to determine the presence of lead-based paint, a risk assessment typically determines additional lead-based paint hazards and provides suggested ways to control these hazards. Inspections and risk assessments can only be performed by certified lead inspectors or risk assessors.

    Q: How much does lead-based paint removal cost?
    A: The cost to remove lead-based paint from your home depends on several different factors, including the size of your home and the amount of lead-based paint that needs to be removed. A lead paint assessment and abatement company serving the Bay Area can provide you with a quote so you know how much it will cost.