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If you live in a house that you believe may contain lead paint in the Bay Area, it’s important that you have it removed by a professional. Lead-based paint and other lead-containing products can pose a serious health hazard to you and your loved ones. The lead removal experts at Environmental Remedies Inc. will help ensure that your Bay Area home remains safe and free of lead.

What You Should Know About Lead

If your home was built before 1978, there is a very strong likelihood that it contains lead-based paint and other dangerous materials. Lead was used for many years in construction products before its use was banned, and it can still be found in numerous products today. In California, there are strict laws governing the use and containment of lead:

  • Any surface coating in a building that was built prior to 1978 must be assumed to contain lead-based paint.
  • If any amount of lead-based paint is disturbed for any reason, such as during a construction project, lead-safe work practices must be used, the work area must be contained, and no lead-containing dust or debris can be left behind at the end of the project.
  • In California, a lead hazard may not be created for any reason. Lead dust, lead-containing soil, or deteriorated lead-based paint must be contained, and surfaces that contain lead-based paint may not be disturbed without following accepted lead containment practices.
  • There are strict limits on the amount of lead that dust or soil can contain. On an inside floor, dust is considered contaminated when there are 40 micrograms of lead for every square foot of surface. Outside, dust is considered contaminated when there are 400 micrograms of lead per square foot.
  • Soil is considered contaminated by lead when there are 1,000 ppm, except in areas where children are likely to be present. In those areas, it is considered contaminated at 400 ppm.

Testing for Lead in Your Bay Area Home

If you are concerned about a potential lead presence in your house, your first step will be to schedule a lead inspection. In order to test for lead, a certified lead inspector will examine every surface with paint both inside and outside your home. Samples will be taken and lab-tested. A risk assessment may also be done to determine whether there is deteriorating lead-based paint in your building that poses a clear and present danger of lead-containing dust and paint chips. If there is a notable lead presence, a certified lead removal professional will thoroughly remove all contaminated materials from your building.

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