Abatement Process

How To Remove Lead and Asbestos

If a hazardous contaminant has been found in your home or building, it’s urgent that you contact a professional abatement service. Environmental Remedies Inc. (ERI) is a fully licensed and certified abatement firm that removes lead and asbestos. We have served thousands of clients in the Bay Area become free of environmental hazards, including homes, office buildings, and government buildings. We are fully licensed and insured for your safety.

What to Expect from Abatement

If a certified inspector has recommended abatement for your building, the abatement team at ERI will work with you to schedule the process from start to finish. We work to ensure that the abatement process goes as efficiently as possible in order to minimize disruption to our clients’ lives and schedules. The abatement process consists of a number of steps, all of which are essential to ensure the continued safety of anyone in your building. The abatement team will begin by sealing off the work area from the rest of the property to keep the surrounding area safe, then install air filtration devices to prevent contaminated dust from drifting outside the work area.

After the area has been contained, all materials containing contaminants are dampened and removed, using methods that may include sanding, brushing, scraping, demolition, or deconstruction. In cases where removal is impossible, the contaminated areas will be sealed off to prevent future health issues. All of the removed materials are then placed in leak-tight containers and taken to a nearby landfill.

Post-Abatement Decontamination and Inspection

After all contaminated materials have been removed from your building, your abatement team will take the following steps in order to ensure that your property is thoroughly remediated:

  • All surfaces inside the contaminated area will be wiped down and cleaned using wet wipes and other tools.
  • Any remaining dust will be removed using HEPA vacuums.
  • For lead and asbestos abatement, a sealant will be used to contain any remaining fibers.
  • Your building will be tested to ensure that all contaminants are gone. This test includes both a visual inspection of the area and a lab test from a sample, conducted by an independent firm. A dust sample will be taken to test for lead, while an air sample will be taken to test for asbestos.
  • Once the test indicates that abatement has been successful, the air filtration devices and containment barriers will be removed from your building.

It is important to note, the company providing the testing services should always be different from the company performing the actual removal. This will avoid a potential conflict of interest. Environmental Remedies, Inc. specializes in the removal of asbestos and lead, however we can always refer our customers to certified testing firms in the area.

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