While every project has its own unique qualities, the steps outlined below provide a basic understanding of the abatement process. The abatement process is comprised of several key steps designed to make the work area as safe as possible for you, our workers and your property.


ERI technicians will isolate the work area by placing impermeable barrier plastic over doors, windows, vents, and other openings. Using plastic, duct tape and staples, the work area will be sealed at its perimeter, creating a “containment.”

Air Filtration

Air filtration devices will then be installed to draw air from the work area through a HEPA filter, exhausting the filtered air outside and creating negative pressure inside the containment.


Once the containment is set and negative pressure is established, the asbestos-containing materials will be wetted and removed carefully and deliberately.


Upon completion of the removal process, the remaining surfaces, including the containment, will be thoroughly decontaminated using HEPA vacuums, wet wipes, and other cleaning tools to eliminate any residual dust or debris.

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