FAQs About Lead Removal

The potential health hazards of lead exposure are now well-known, but for many decades, the dangers were not realized and products containing lead were used for a number of household items. For years, lead paint was a standard for homes and commercial buildings, since lead helped promote moisture resistance and allowed paint to dry quicker. Now there are much safer, effective alternatives available, but there is still a risk for homes that were built before lead paint was banned in the United States in 1978. If you know or suspect that your Bay Area home contains harmful lead paint, you will want to become familiar with the removal process for the health and safety of your family. Below you can get a look at some of the lead removal FAQs we receive at Environmental Remedies, Inc., where you will find legal, safe, and exceptional services to remove hazardous materials from your home.

How Do I Know If My Home Contains Lead?

There are many homes in the Bay Area built before 1978, and it is likely that many of these homes had lead paint used in their construction. If you are living in an older home, it is best to call a certified lead inspector/assessor to test lead levels in your home and provide you with a list of recommendations to remove it. It is important to note, the company providing the testing services should always be different from the company performing the actual removal. This will avoid a potential conflict of interest. Environmental Remedies, Inc. specializes in the removal of lead based paint, however we can always refer our customers to certified testing firms in the area.

What Are the Available Options for Removing Lead Paint?

In some cases, homeowners may choose to leave lead paint intact and avoid disturbing the materials. While this can be effective for some time, there is always a possibility that these materials will be disturbed through normal wear and tear, a renovation, demolition, or a catastrophe, such as fire or water damage. Therefore, stabilization of the affected areas or complete removal following EPA-approved methods is often recommended—especially in homes with young children. These methods include stabilizing paint with a watertight coating or sealant to reduce the potential for exposure; or completely removing the lead paint through a combination of wire brushing, scraping, and/or liquid paint removers.

Why Should I Invest in Professional Lead Removal?

Lead paint removal can be costly, and it may require several days to complete. However, lead paint removal is a highly regulated activity, and for a good reason. When you weigh the cost of lead removal against the value of your family’s health or potential fines, however, calling a professional is well-worth the investment. You will want to leave the work to Environmental Remedies, Inc. rather than taking a DIY approach, since this will ensure the proper removal of lead and allow you to minimize any accidental exposure during the process or costly fines by the regulatory agencies or municipalities.

For a closer look at lead removal services for your home in the Bay Area, call Environmental Remedies, Inc. at (925) 461-3285. We are fully committed to the safety and wellness of our clients, and our team is fully licensed and insured in the Bay Area.

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